All children have a natural inclination for movement and exploration.

iVEA was founded to empower active children worldwide with functional and stylish athleisure wear, prioritising comfort and freedom of movement through innovative design and fabric tech. Our team comprises a collective of mothers spanning from California to Sydney, who share a common dedication to promoting movement and empowering every child with boundless freedom and confidence.

By kids, for kids

iVEA believes children understand children best.

iVEA's Print Series is created in collaboration with children from around the world and our print artists. Through the eyes of children, it expresses their unique perception of the world, presenting the "art" as seen through the eyes of children.

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Cutting edge fabric tech

Our fabric innovations form the heart of our brand.

From the exclusive Breezy Series to the Move Series, we continually push boundaries. We simulate children's daily play and sports scenarios to create fabrics that are incredibly functional and supremely comfortable. These fabrics empower children to explore the world with freedom and confidence, enabling them to play without limits and move forward.

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